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Own your creations. Forever.

Capture the moment, share with the world and prove ownership of your work. All on the go.  

You are just a tap away from protecting your valuable content. Download VDXit now! 


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Instant ownership

Start using the VDXit mobile app to protect and share all your digital assets. File supported: images, artworks, videos, or anything of value that can be digitised.  


Let’s face it, content creators struggle with counterfeit,

fraud, or inability to prove the authenticity of their work.  


We’ve got you covered. Protecting your intellectual property has never been easier with VDXit.  


VDXit leverage blockchain tamper-proof immutability to ensure your work is yours. 

Your digital assets are time-stamped, securely stored in a military-grade digital safe and accessible anytime from your pocket.


Capture the moment.

Take photos/record videos from VDXit or simply upload files from your device.

All your content will be certified and secured in seconds on the blockchain.  

Welcome to instant ownership. 

Photos we take
Photos we take
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The artwork we create
The artwork we create
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The tunes we compose
The tunes we compose
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Verify the authenticity of any file and ownership by cross-checking your content with records on the blockchain. 


All verifications can easily be performed via the app or online via  Vizidox Verify.



Share your work online with complete peace of mind. 


Distribute your content directly in-app 

or via a URL generated by VDXit. 



All files are processed and then stored on your own device. 


Our  VDXit servers only store the claims and blockchain proof.

You can also backup your files to an external drive or a cloud storage provider.


VDXit empowers content creator's creativity so they can unlock their full potential.


Build your collection, stand out from the crowd, and monetise your work like never before.

Try out VDXit App on your phone.

Own your content and creations. Forever.

Download VDXit now. Don't Send it, VDXit! 


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